About Us

Marathon Pacific Marines is a composite boat and yacht manufacturing company established by Bobby Halim, a senior figure angler, who has decades of working experience in the marine field, and has an important position in the Indonesian Federation of Sport Fishing (FORMASI). With his extensive knowledge in the field of boating and fishing, Bobby Halim has a hobby to design and build fishing boats since 1995 for personal use.

This hobby lead to potential business, which is the reason for the opening of Marathon Pacific Marines back in 2003. What distinguishes our high performance vessels from others is that we always prioritize safety and comfort elements to be part of the overall quality of the vessel. Not only does Marathon Pacific Marines use experienced and dedicated local and Australian naval architects, but we also use cutting edge technology with quality materials so that the results achieved in producing a vessel will be faster, stronger, and of high quality.

For a company that wants to continue to improve in quality and technique,
Marathon Pacific Marines are always up to date in innovations and for the
latest technology. One example is in the process of making the hull, we use
vacuum infusion technology with vinyl ester resins and e-glass multi-axial
fabrics so our hulls are lighter and also have excellent strength with high glass
content, and besides that, Marathon Pacific Marines always make a full
solid composite vessel (without using wood / plywood), because based on
experience, wood / plywood coated with fiberglass will eventually undergo
decay and rot away, which will reduce the strength of the construction of the
vessel itself.

Marathon Pacific Marines during this time has continued to produce a variety of models and types of vessels such as patrol boats, rescue boats, medical boats, passenger boats and sport fishers with various sizes in accordance with the orders and expectations of the customer. Quality and performance is always satisfying, and functioning properly in accordance to the model and type.

Marathon Pacific Marines will continue to produce high performance vessels in accordance with the consumer’s expectation, and also will maintain its high quality standards. Marathon Pacific Marines is one of Indonesia’s leading company that produce high quality composite boats and yachts, have high performance, at a competitive price. Its sales are up to international markets, such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and to Australia, evidence this. By having quality resources and experience, this makes Marathon Pacific Marines a composite boat and yacht manufacturing company which can be trusted.