About Us

Marathon Pacific Marines is a composite boat manufacturing company established by the late and well-respected Bobby Halim, a senior figure angler, who had decades of working experience in the marine field and had an important position in the Indonesian Federation of Sport Fishing (FORMASI). With his extensive knowledge in the field of boating and fishing, Bobby Halim had a hobby to design and build fishing boats. In 1995, he designed and built his first personal use fishing boat with the positive feedback and interest received among the fishing community and from occupiers in the local marina where the boat was docked, Bobby took his hobby and passion to the next level and decided to make it his business.

In 2003, Bobby opened his boat manufacturing business Marathon Pacific Marines. What distinguishes our high-performance vessels from others is that we always prioritise safety and comfort ensuring these elements are essential for the overall quality of the vessel. Marathon Pacific Marines have experienced and dedicated local and Australian naval architects using cutting edge technology, combine this with quality materials, the results achieved in producing our vessels make our boats faster, stronger, and of high quality and standards

For a company that continually improves our quality and technique, Marathon Pacific Marines use up to date innovations and technology. An example of this is in the process of making the hull using vacuum infusion technology with vinyl ester resins and e-glass multi-axial fabrics. This process makes our hulls lighter and provide excellent strength with high glass content.

Marathon Pacific Marines vessels are made with a full solid composite vessel (without using wood / plywood). Other boat builders use wood / plywood coated with fiberglass which will eventually undergo decay and easily rot away, this reduces the strength of the construction of the vessel. Marathon Pacific Marines produces a variety of models and types of boats such as patrol boats, rescue boats, medical boats, fishing boats and sport fishers in various sizes, each boats is custom built to meet the needs of our customers without undermining quality and performance.

Marathon Pacific Marines is one of Indonesia’s leading companies which produce high quality composite boats, have high performance boats, and are competitively price. Marathon Pacific Marines have had buyers from international markets, like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Madagascar, and Australia. With our quality resources and materials, experienced naval architects and technicians, and being a dominant leader in the Indonesian market, Marathon Pacific Marines is a composite boat manufacturing company you can trust.