Production Process

Moulding Process and Preparation

The type of mould which Marathon Pacific Marines incorporate is permanent mould that is designed by our talented and experienced naval architects to have great performance and stability. The mould is made from solid glass with a tooling gelcoat finish and is 3 to 4 times thicker than the final laminate. This makes it solid and long lasting. We have permanent mould for hull sizes from 5 meters all the way up to 15 meters in length. The benefit of having permanent mould is that it will help make the production process faster so that each boat is delivered on time. This process ensures that the final products will have a quality finishes with consistency among all our products. For hull lengths of 15 meters and up to 32 meters, we use a semi-permanent mould which will be knocked down after the lamination process.

The Vacuum Infusion Process

The process which Marathon Pacific Marines incorporate to laminate our hulls is by closed mould vacuum infusion process. We use marine grade vinyl ester resin and multi-axial e-glass fabric. By adopting this process, the result is a much lighter and stronger boats, and a laminate with a higher glass content compared to hand lay-up.

The Installation of Girders and Frame Process

The method of construction we use is transfers construction system with lengths of each framing according to the Germanischer Lloyd (GL). We also use longitudinal girders which make our boats very solid with minimal flex.

Engines and Accessories Installation Process

Expert technicians of Marathon Pacific Marines perform the installation of the main engines and electrical systems in accordance with the marine standard to ensure the work carried out is conducted safely and as recommended by the OEM.

Interior and Outfitting

The equipment and materials used in outfitting are items which resist against corrosion and are marine standard. The interior of the vessel can be customised to the customers taste or designed by Marathon Pacific Marines.